Our Philosophy

The customer is the most important factor that determines the value of a service or product.  It is the customers’ willingness to pay for this service or product that determines its value.  This willingness is the basis in determining the role of the business in its ability to deliver its services or products.  In what the customer considers as value, is actually the utility that will be decisive in achieving a business’ success.

Galaxy’s success is attributed to its dedication in achieving the highest level of service perceived by its customers, not by its own internal beliefs.  Galaxy Computer, Inc. was founded in 1985, giving it a history and longevity necessary to be a viable competitor in today’s marketplace.  Galaxy’s broad customer base has had a consistent range of Fortune 500, medium, and small businesses.  Galaxy upholds the same philosophy and level of commitment to every customer; let the customer determine our value. This has been expressed through our high client retention rate, growth and continuity. We strive to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect. 

Our View Point

In our marketplace, we are selling both services and products therefore; the determining factor in generating new maintenance contracts and product orders is by referencing our current customer base for testimonials.  Who better to give an understanding than our current customer’s perceived value of our services and products rendered?  No matter how complex the business plan, the bottom line will always be derived from the people who will represent that business.  Our business takes pride in our employees who deliver the value to our customers.  We believe in the talent pool of our employees as the determining basis that will help the business achieve its success and contribute to the atmosphere necessary to nurture future employees.  Customer retention is our top priority and strength knowing the costs associated with soliciting new prospects.

As the marketplace evolves in the information technology environment, so has Galaxy.  Galaxy has forged ahead.

Quality Service

Each of our clients values the service we provide for unique reasons.  Our Fortune 500 clients depend on our on-site technical staff to install large, complex IT configurations.  Assigned personnel provide our mid-size clients peace of mind; it’s like having…

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Responsive Support

We’re here 24/7, 365 days a year.  But we don’t wait for symptoms of system failure.  Our proactive, preventative maintenance services support your business needs by monitoring root causes of failure and implementing a service schedule that minimizes disruption…

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Competitive Pricing

Purchasing managers face multiple challenges.  We understand that.  First, we make it easy for our client to validate our capabilities in their market.  Then, we deliver a comprehensive contract to meet the client’s specifications.  We can produce cost savings…

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